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to be so high on cocaine that you can't remember how many lines/bags you consumed. very high on cocaine.
that day when i changed the tire i was so fuckin yiped out i didn't feel a thing.
by elizh July 14, 2005
fucked up on drugs or alcohol
im wearing these sunglasses cuz im badout. shit.
by elizh July 14, 2005
a very, very rich town in southern Connecticut where the powerful men of wallstreet come to deposit their trophies: their trophy wives and children, and where the neighboring rich towns come to pay their homage to the original rich town that is fairfield county's diamond hub-control-center. here, there is absolutely nothing to do but don a polo shirt with the collar up and get fucked up on alcohol, prescription drugs or harder drugs and get arrested or sent to rehab. every kid here has at least five drug dealers beckoning him from his cellphone, and probably as many country clubs. teenagers invariably leave this town with a trustfund and various addictions. Parties are set in mansions and centered on the beirut (beerpong) games.
typical cellphone conversation:
girl: hey yo whats good for tonight?
guy: yo not much, donny's having people over, you should come.
girl: you got that white?
guy: yeah it's awesome shit, come to donny's i got that.
girl: aight i'll be there. peace.
by elizh July 14, 2005

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