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The term given to a man's genitals when the penis is so short it resembles a third ball
"It's so stubby... I can't describe it."
"Was it benus short? Was it a benus? Huh? Huh?"
by Queen Of The Chodes November 14, 2004
The part of your body between your penis and your belly
"I tried to kick john in the balls but I kicked to high and hit his benus"

"He had is bathing suit so low that i could see his benus"

( see vagelly )
by BluBear November 04, 2010
When you take a photo of somebody off guard, and they look really disgusting, or really sick. resulting in double chins, lazys eyes, and mid eyes closed/ smile
Guy 1: hey, man check this photo i just uploaded on facebook.

Guy2: Oh, man. you got the Benus really bad.
by Eli123456 August 20, 2011
A person that used to be nice but is now a total pussy bitch. Benu's cannot dance for their lives and have low mac skills. They just suck at life. And they are also very clumbsy and fragile and they break like every bone in their body. Benu's take off all their clothes when they go take a shit.
Benu put your clothes back on I need to use the bathroom.
by B$qu@$h69 June 13, 2011
Benu means the best Masi ever! She is so caring,funny,nice,sweet,and understanding.She is also the best female in the world. She loves u with all her heart.
She is such a Benu
by Khakis via June 27, 2016
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