1. opposite of good 2. opposite of bad 3. taking responsibility for something bad 4. posesing the qualities of badness.
1. Jeremia: Hey, it was pretty bad the way you raped my mother
2. Mathulesla: I raped his mother, it was bad
3. Jeremia: My bad mom, I dint know he'd rape you
4. Mathulesla is such a bad
by MAtT the TWaT April 27, 2004
Adj. A term used to describe a person(usually female) that looks extremely good.
Er'body know dat my chic bad
by Ace07 May 28, 2010
In a video game community, a player who has been deemed a terrible player.

Or, according to the Alliance Guild Master of Netherguard on Nathrezim, Noobric, it is a player who is outgeared and outnumbered.
"The three of us in our season 3 gear beat that one rogue pretty easily. Lawl he bads."
by Thanatosis February 25, 2008
good / amazing - strange and can be VERY confusing
whoa - those trainers are bad! where'd u get 'em from?
by sophie March 19, 2003
Big Ass Draws. A girl that whenever she bends over, or sits down, you see her Big Ass Draws.
Yo that girl got some rolls, and BAD's to top it off.
Fo'sho. That junk is nasty.
Ha! Damn homey
by Anonimous December 22, 2004

B.A.D - A word used to describe your parents, friends, or anyone who is being a DICK.
"You're b.a.d, Dad."
by Mr. Harvey's Lover (CPS) May 15, 2010
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