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When you see a very good looking female.
"That girl is bad!"
by infinityx3 December 30, 2008
180 94
Describing a female/male appearance in a good way. Bad meaning you have a great body and it's fit. It's used to replace words like sexy and fine.

sam: wussup cuzin
fy: nuttin
a female walks by
sam: damnn she's bad
fy :girl you bad
by ~Xo_Sex-c_Xo~ December 14, 2008
155 86
1. opposite of good 2. opposite of bad 3. taking responsibility for something bad 4. posesing the qualities of badness.
1. Jeremia: Hey, it was pretty bad the way you raped my mother
2. Mathulesla: I raped his mother, it was bad
3. Jeremia: My bad mom, I dint know he'd rape you
4. Mathulesla is such a bad
by MAtT the TWaT April 27, 2004
350 292
In a video game community, a player who has been deemed a terrible player.

Or, according to the Alliance Guild Master of Netherguard on Nathrezim, Noobric, it is a player who is outgeared and outnumbered.
"The three of us in our season 3 gear beat that one rogue pretty easily. Lawl he bads."
by Thanatosis February 25, 2008
34 9
Adj. A term used to describe a person(usually female) that looks extremely good.
Er'body know dat my chic bad
by Ace07 May 28, 2010
41 26
good / amazing - strange and can be VERY confusing
whoa - those trainers are bad! where'd u get 'em from?
by sophie March 19, 2003
27 16
1) Any kind of situation that cant end up being good
2) Anti-good
1)Mexico + Sun + A cold Drink + beautiful woman = Good!!!
Emo + Prep + Napalm = BAD!!!!

2) Steven Harper
by Keir1063 July 23, 2006
59 53