Somethin' very cool , but called " mischief " by others .
He's such a bad boy , they kicked him out of school for vandalism , but it sure was cool .
by Greg Bred April 10, 2004
An acronym for Big Ass Draws. A form of ladies underwear, large in size, typically worn during a woman's menstrual cycle or during times where a string up her ass is not comforting.
Girl #1: I can't wear yoga pants today.

Girl #2: Why?
Girl #1: Aunt Flow came last night, so I gotta wear my b.a.d.s.
#granny panties #grannie panties #tighty whities #draws #aunt flow
by BestAnonEver July 13, 2011

B.A.D - A word used to describe your parents, friends, or anyone who is being a DICK.
"You're b.a.d, Dad."
#dick #bad #b.a.d #being a dick #jerk
by Mr. Harvey's Lover (CPS) May 15, 2010
Big ass dick
Man this girl wanted to give me head, so I told her I had a B.A.D.
#big #ass #dick #penis #head #oatmeal
by Pimp Daddy Big Dick August 02, 2009
1) Any kind of situation that cant end up being good
2) Anti-good
1)Mexico + Sun + A cold Drink + beautiful woman = Good!!!
Emo + Prep + Napalm = BAD!!!!

2) Steven Harper
#bad #evil #anti-christ #emo #mexico
by Keir1063 July 23, 2006
adjective used to describe a trendy woman.
Good looking or attractive
Envied and wanted by many
I can't go to the club without a man/woman tellin me how bad i am.
#cute #thorough #sexy #attractive #admired
by 513nympho June 21, 2007
1. 0X Try to imagine every molecule in your body simultaeneously exploding at the speed of light and all life as we know it ceasing to exist.

2. 90's The opposite of good.

3. 80's Better than good. Not as good as rad.
I'm fuzz on the whole good bad thing.
by Aeyrun Sun December 11, 2004
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