Somethin' very cool , but called " mischief " by others .
He's such a bad boy , they kicked him out of school for vandalism , but it sure was cool .
by Greg Bred April 10, 2004
An acronym for Big Ass Draws. A form of ladies underwear, large in size, typically worn during a woman's menstrual cycle or during times where a string up her ass is not comforting.
Girl #1: I can't wear yoga pants today.

Girl #2: Why?
Girl #1: Aunt Flow came last night, so I gotta wear my b.a.d.s.
by BestAnonEver July 13, 2011

B.A.D - A word used to describe your parents, friends, or anyone who is being a DICK.
"You're b.a.d, Dad."
by Mr. Harvey's Lover (CPS) May 15, 2010
Big ass dick
Man this girl wanted to give me head, so I told her I had a B.A.D.
by Pimp Daddy Big Dick August 02, 2009
1. the opposite of GOOD. See some of the synonym tags below.

2. tough, cool, macho, poised, refined, alright, reserved, studly, get the idea? You don't have to be a man to be bad - some women fit into this category too. Also, "bad" isn't exclusively for straight people either. There are many gay men (and women) who are "bad" too. "Badness" is a description of a personality and character, not a shallow imitation.

3. Michael Jackson's famous album from 1987. It entered the album charts at Number One ( a rare feat at the time) and scored several big hits like the previous 1982 classic album "Thriller". However this time a new chart record was also achieved: BAD scored FIVE Number One hits - "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" (with Siedah Garrett), the title track (... I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it...really really bad..."), "The Way You Make Me Feel" (... ain't nobody's business...), "Man In The Mirror" (...make that change!), and "Dirty Diana" (come ON!). Check it out.

4. B.A.D. or

is a neighborhood club set up by Al Bundy on the TV show "Married With Children".

5. BAD is also



a clubby techno dance rock band formed by Clash guitarist Mick Jones around 1984. They made innovative albums and in 1990 a new lineup resulted in BAD II. They're best known for their 1991 hit "Rush", about this time their music became oversampled big time. A few years later the band became just "Big Audio". They split up about a year afterward. The first BAD incarnation made the best stuff like "The Bottom Line" and "C'mon Every Beatbox".
1. Stay away from Vanessa, Rico. She is bad news. A real bad apple.

2. My girlfriend is a smoker but she keeps trying to quit. She says to me to don't ever start, it's a bad habit.

3. Billy Idol is one bad dude. You can tell by his songs, his videos, his sneer and his shows. They don't call him an "idol" for nothing!

4. U2 made a tune called "Bad". So have other people. Also, George Thorogood has proclaimed himself to be "Bad To The Bone". So have the reggae band Inner Circle on a different tune of the same name. They also scored a big hit "Bad Boys" (the theme from COPS).

5. Michael Jackson's BAD album had a chart run that lasted for the rest of the decade. The hits kept on a-comin'.

6. Al Bundy established his BAD club during one of the first few seasons of the show, IOW while it still had some funny elements to it, before it "jumped the shark".

7. Big Audio Dynamite's second album had Mick Jones' Clashmate Joe Strummer make a guest appearance on it.
by I Remember Now July 23, 2009
Mayonaise - Absorbing all the bad so you don't have to since 2007
Mayo is really bad and he just lost The Game.
by Mordiceius May 01, 2008
adjective used to describe a trendy woman.
Good looking or attractive
Envied and wanted by many
I can't go to the club without a man/woman tellin me how bad i am.
by 513nympho June 21, 2007

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