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Big ass dick
Man this girl wanted to give me head, so I told her I had a B.A.D.
by Pimp Daddy Big Dick August 02, 2009
B- Blaze
A- All
D- Day

Blaze all day
i jump you in to B.A.D
by blaze all day May 31, 2008
big ass dude or some ones kick ass initials
damn thats a B.A.D.
there goes B.A.D
by BRYAN DOSER April 04, 2008
Just pronounced "bad" in a social situation. An acronym for "Bitches Acting Dumb". Used to refer to any females feeling the need to act like an idiot to draw attention to themselves.
Person 1: "Hey, you see that chick acting like she's hammered when she only had like a beer and a half?"

Person 2: "B.A.D, man."
by Tcruze October 31, 2009
adjective used to describe a trendy woman.
Good looking or attractive
Envied and wanted by many
I can't go to the club without a man/woman tellin me how bad i am.
by 513nympho June 21, 2007
Acronym For Bitch Ass Driver. This becomes evident When someone is going the speed limit and you can't get around to pass them. Clearly, they are moving slower than your desired pace but they do nothing about it.
Sorry I'm late for work, seems like everyone on the road wanted to be BAD.
by shoeMGK July 17, 2012
Something that is inferior or just plain terrible
Bad Sukie, Ps3
by Soney February 02, 2011