if the word is used in the form of something as a subject then that means it is a totally good thing and that you seem to be experienced at it.
your game is badass
by Nananku Chizule Shytano May 20, 2004
Big Ass Dump
Yo, i gotta take a B.A.D
by D-Mak November 01, 2003
To use the original word of bad, which normally means not good into a word that translates into everything that's good.

of good quality; having the qualities required for a particular role.
Something that is good is bad.

"That actress is so bad(good) she makes every other girl envious"

When you and your friend are playing basketball and your friend makes a great play. You might say,"man that play was bad(good)".
by You bad October 30, 2013
Bad Ass Driver
Guy 1: Look at that guy drifting around the corner!

Guy 2: Damn, he's a B.A.D
by El tigreee December 27, 2010
A female that is attractive and dresses well.
Yo, she is bad!

Im looking for a gf that's bad.
by T.iara May 17, 2011
bad (bad) - adj
1. Invalid, unsound, or false
2. Having a wicked or evil character; morally reprehensible
3. Mayonaise
Mayo, really really really really bad.
by Muffley May 01, 2008
Often used in New Jersey, Philly, and NY the word "bad" refers to an individual being cute, pretty, or attractive all together. In rapping, it is mostly followed by the word bitch, making one a bad bitch. A pretty female who is a 10. The word "bad" can be used for both genders despite being used on females more.
"Now THAT'S a bad bitch!"
by ItsBarbieee March 09, 2012

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