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5 definitions by GdAWG

a lot, much
"i love you so bad!"
"i want that so bad!"
by GdAWG April 21, 2004
277 188
impossible to understand....

gabbie is so incomprehensible
by Gdawg October 29, 2003
41 12
1. Made out
2. (Rap) To make out
1. I rapped to him last night.
(We made out last night)
2. I wanna rap to her so bad!
(I wanna make out with her so bad)
by gdawg April 07, 2003
13 32
1. To beat the shit out of someone
1. That kid was pissin me off, I was about to snuff him.
by gdawg April 07, 2003
2 24
A word used by Mr. Red in class which means 'good'. It was thought of by a friend of his who wanted to create a new meaning of an everyday word.
"These test grades are casserole!"
by GdAWG September 29, 2004
22 48