Nature's Candy.
Bacon grows off trees, primarily ripe in the late spring.
by Nefarious! February 02, 2010
Awesomeness in the form of strips of pork, that tastes sooo good it makes your day better!
Jeff: My girlfriend broke up with me.
Lou: Too bad want some bacon?
Jeff: Hells yeah. F**k her anyway I do what I please..mmm tasty
by JayTD November 28, 2009
The greatest thing known to the human race.
"Hey Joe, whats your favorite food?"

"Bacon. Duh."
by afishypuss November 23, 2009
The best thing in the world... besides electricity :3
It can make anything taste good. Even broccoli.
~ Bacon with Pancakes

~ Bacon with Macaroni and Cheese

~Goes great with eggs
by xRavenx January 07, 2014
the closet thing to dying and going to sweet, meaty and juicy heaven. Also very close to happiness of any way, shape and form.
America: You can't buy happiness with money, but bacon is pretty fucking close.

Israel: That's a goddamn lie!
by hoogablagoo1234567890 July 16, 2013
I am the one who brings home the bacon in this house.
by ken21403 March 05, 2013
the reason im not Muslim.
"Bacon is awesome."
by ninenine9 May 28, 2012

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