Become A Complete Obnoxious Negro B.A.C.O.N.
Steve:You bout to go Ham aint you bro?

Duante: Im bout to go Bacon Cuzz!.......aint no goin Ham today!!!!
by Jrulesalim April 16, 2011
A vastly over-appreciated slab of what I assume was once pig, with more fat than one would like to contemplate. Smells somewhat appealing between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning, but only because the nose isn't working to it's full potential at those hours.

Tastes incredibly disappointing, especially considering the hype surrounding it. After tasting it, the average person is inclined to think about who in their right mind would worship such a thing. The correct answer is, of course, the adolescent male, who will worship just about anything served to him on a plate.
Bacon Lover (to large group of fellow bacon lovers): Brethren, come view this monstrosity with me.

Bacon Lover (to Bacon Resenter): BACON!

Bacon Resenter (while vomiting): Curse you!

Large group of bacon lovers: *simultaneous gasp*
by Charlotte Jane April 06, 2010
A female that is either over weight or extremely ugly.
Homie 1: Wats good wit some hoes nigga?!
Homie 2: Naw cuzzo. Desse bitch's hurt; dey all bacon.
Homie 1: Bacon as in busted, or bacon as in big?
Homie 2: Both Nigga!
by WittyassNigga.Nigga! June 24, 2009
the extra meat associated with a girls back
yo did you see cindy she that got that bacon on her back....
by biglevi May 18, 2009
A slang word, mostly used and is used to say instead of "whatever" or "yeah right".
Dude: "I got an A+ in Pre Algebra!"

Dude 2: "Bacon!"
by Toon.Shuki February 15, 2009
1. noun A local town douche-bag that can be found in Oshkosh, WI; known primarily for his Youtube videos and local towns hijinks. Often referred to solely by his last name.
"Have you seen Bacon's latest video where he makes outrageous beer pong shots?"
by Oshkosh Fan August 20, 2008
To define long vaginal lip (labia).
Ohhh... look at that bacon!
by stevem January 24, 2007
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