A slang word, mostly used and is used to say instead of "whatever" or "yeah right".
Dude: "I got an A+ in Pre Algebra!"

Dude 2: "Bacon!"
by Toon.Shuki February 15, 2009
To define long vaginal lip (labia).
Ohhh... look at that bacon!
by stevem January 24, 2007
large scabs usually in a similar shape as a piece of bacon.
Hey Turtle, nice slab of bacon on that knee. Where did you biff?
by Dr. Turtle February 03, 2009
1. noun A local town douche-bag that can be found in Oshkosh, WI; known primarily for his Youtube videos and local towns hijinks. Often referred to solely by his last name.
"Have you seen Bacon's latest video where he makes outrageous beer pong shots?"
by Oshkosh Fan August 20, 2008
Someone who gives another person attitude.

An agitated disturbance.

To bring drama
Don't come into my house with bacon all up in yo face.


How dare you raise your voice at me? This is a library, stupid! Don't bring your bacon in hurr.
by The Chow Man October 21, 2004
a product that comes from the helpless slaughtering of little piggies...yummy!
Boy i wanna eat some nice cooked bacon ripped from that innocent little piggies' body.
by Peter Christian November 17, 2003
Bacon is a word used to describe an ravishingly intreging smell, to here "you smell like bacon" is a truly special event, one that should be glorified and you should be honered.
"christa you smell of bacon" said alex
"what" said christa
"grrr i love it" said alex
by Alex Harrison December 02, 2006

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