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Tea potty ideology describes the nonsensical extreme and ludicrous positions of the Tea Party aka Tea Baggers such as the repeal of the Amendments 14, 16, and 17 to the US Constitution or arguments that the Consitution does not contain a Separation of Church and State. These feckless leaders are intent on leading the Country into an Idiocracy. Though the movement truly lacks any coherent or unified positions on anything, and much of what they say is not well thought out and is entirely inconsistent, to the extent that there is common ground amongst this diverse group of angry lunatics, this phrase summarizes what they stand for because for the most part it is utter bullshit and should be flushed down the toilet!
The Tea Bagger Candidate for US Senate in Delaware opined and stated her Tea Potty ideology that there is no Separation of Church and State.
by jmspaesq October 31, 2010
Unlike a compromise which involves a give and take between opposing viewpoints, a republicompromise means to agree with whatever the Republican overlords say given their attitude of arrogance and self righteousness and certainty that they are always right. Whether their 'mandate' consists of a one vote victory in the US Supreme Court as in the 2000 Presidential election, or taking back one house in the Congress as in the 2010 election despite polling showing the popularity of the party overall at 25% in approval ratings, they never waver from their certitude that they are always right and belong in power.
A Republicompromise was offered by the new house majority leader which consisted of 'our way or the highway' rather than any concession to the other party.
by jmspaesq November 03, 2010
Rush Lamebaugh is a big fat hypocritical idiot drug addict propodandist who spews hate and nonsense and never lets a single fact stand in the way of his opinions!
Rush Lamebaugh is a big fat idiot!
by jmspaesq November 06, 2010
Rush Lameass is a big fat assed hypocritical idiot drug addict propodandist who spews hate and nonsense and never lets a single fact stand in the way of his opinions! His followers who are incapable of independent thought actually proudly call themselves 'ditto heads' believe it or not.
Rush Lameass is a big fat idiot who is intent on going through life fat drug addicted and stupid and proud of it!
by jmspaesq November 04, 2010
1. A Repugnicant is a Republican automoton, one who automatically repeats talking points from various Republican demoagogues

2. A Repugnicant is a member of the political party that calls itself the Republican party

3. A Repugnicant is a shameless shill for ultra wealthy corporate interests who consistently works against the interests of the American people

4. A Repugnicant is a member of the Tea Bagger Party who holds the most extreme and often bizzare views

5. A Repugnicant is an arrogant self righteous politician intent on imposing their own morality on America
Today I received a phone call from a Repugnicant who spouted hate and nonsense telling me to vote in the coming election and then learned that I didn't agree with them and started shouting and calling me names and then threatened me.
by jmspaesq October 30, 2010
A feckless leader is a politician or leader of any group or organization who is totally and utterly incompetent, worthless, irresponsible, lazy, stupid and/or irresponsible. Feckless leaders tend to be arrogant and ignorant and often rise to the top while leading their followers to the bottom. An idiocracy is led by the most feckless of all leaders.
Our feckless leaders have always been intent on repeating the mistakes of the past rather than learning from them, and insist on boldly leading us right off a cliff.
by jmspaesq October 30, 2010
Cerebral darwinism is the theory that the fittest brain cells survive through the process of neurological natural selection.
After all the drugs and alcohol he did in high school and college his friends were amazed that he was still a very intelligent, articulate person but he explained that this was a result of cerebral darwinism and that the brain cells that had survived the various assaults of drugs and alcohol and various head injuries incurred in drunk and drugged out stupors, were the fittest brain cells and were actually super brain cells. Those that didn't make it were eliminated by the process of neurological natural selection.
by jmspaesq October 30, 2010

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