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3 definitions by Kha

to be closely spaced together, or tightly packed as bacon is in a frying pan.
"All 10 of us drove Route 66 together in a Civic...we were in the bacon!"

"I don't have any land so I have to grow my herb garden in the bacon using my closet as a greenhouse."

"I've been cramming for this test all day. Sorry, my to-do list is in the bacon!"
by Kha March 19, 2008
The type of aesthetically pleasing or impressive-looking firearm that you might show off at a BBQ or on other social occasions, but may be less than useful.
John got a new Glock, but it's mostly going to be a BBQ gun. He doesn't know how to use or clean it.

Uh-oh, here's Mike with his BBQ gun again. Everyone act impressed.
by Kha December 15, 2007
Black women tend to use the term "OK!" when they agree with something, or to show solidarity of opinion. See "OK" by Nivea.
"That girl's hair so nappy! She oughta tame that bush."
"Her nails are ghetto too."
"And she wearin' too much velvet!"
by kha February 04, 2005