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A slang term for an overly atttractive female. Used to not be obvious when checking out said female.
"Check out that bacon!"
"4 'o clock"
"Ooo nice"
by Torzala Sedlar October 03, 2006
12 24
Getting Salary from work.
Devo - Mongoloid

mongoloid he was a mongoloid
happier than you and me
mongoloid he was a mongoloid
and it determined what he could see
mongoloid he was a mongoloid
one chromosome too many
mongoloid he was a mongoloid
and it determined what he could see
and he wore a hat
and he had a job
and he brought home the bacon
so that no one knew
mongoloid he was a mongoloid
his friends were unaware
mongoloid he was a mongoloid
nobody even cared
by inyoureface November 25, 2005
3 15
typical hoochie, stuck up, mean, agressive, and violent.
hey look, theres bacon!
by mrizzle November 21, 2005
3 15
the new word for COOL! Everyone uses it if they're cool
Man! You're so bacon!
Your hat is soooo bacon!
by Laurona March 30, 2005
14 26
Bacon isn't really bacon. It's really the chopped up minds of children who have learnt too much.


Oh shit it's bacon ... RUN!!
by Bitch, Hamz & Boo April 24, 2008
4 17
a vegatable from the porkis carrotis group.
I eat little children because they are made of bacon and bacon is a vegatable and their for it is healthy to eat little children
by darth gir December 07, 2006
7 20
the "food" formed when a little boy named "Branch" steals chemicals from queefy boy's office and then sizzles off the extra red carpet va j j from his mother with the chemicals and puts that on a frying pan and cooks it and then eats it vigorously
the extra skin hanging off of mei mei's floppy va j j

"I ate some of Mei Mei's bacon for breakfast yesterday - it was sizzled to perfection."
by lucx June 29, 2006
2 15