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Awesomeness in the form of strips of pork, that tastes sooo good it makes your day better!
Jeff: My girlfriend broke up with me.
Lou: Too bad dude...you want some bacon?
Jeff: Hells yeah. F**k her anyway I do what I please..mmm tasty
by JayTD November 28, 2009
Commonly known as Captain Falcon's signature move. The falcon punch is epitome of human capabilities the strongest technique a mere mortal can accomplish (Childs play to Chuck Norris). Ultimatly the falcon punch is rediculously powered punch capable but not limited to the destruction of all beings hit with the attack (except Chuck Norris in which this attack only tickles him) and in a grander scale a punch that affect can change the universe..

To perform this attack:
1: Plant feet firmly
2: Cock back you arm while yelling: FFAAAALLLLCOOONNN!
3: Hurl your fist at your target while yelling PUUUNNNCCCHHHHHH!
4: (Important) Make sure you don't miss..it happens often
Jordan used Falcon Punch on Mike, after Mike said Chuck Norris is weak.
by JayTD November 08, 2009

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