Another name for Police officer. Rather than Pig.
Derived from the Begin strips dog commercial and Kid Rock," I can smell a pig from a mile away."
RADAR detector Starts beeping, "Hmmm smells like Bacon." Bacon, Bacon where, "It's Bacon".
by Roy G BIV May 03, 2007
Slang for the "beacon" option on an observatory in Natural Selection. To respawn the whole marine team for the cost of 15 resources.
Kill the bacon machine~
Fuckin comm bacon! our base is poont~
by s3x t3h joON December 12, 2005
one who makes use of the technology of superficial skin color enhancing to the point where such a person develops a dual-toned skin color. no long classified as a "caucasian with a tan", this person has now taken on the texture and hue of "bacon."
dayum!! dijoo see huh faceee? she looks like bacon!
by not bitter. March 23, 2005
A whore, one who is only concerned with having sex with many men.

A person that takes it up the butt.

A wo/man who just likes anything and everything sexual, but denies it in front of everyone.
"Hey, I heard that bacon chick was preggers."


"Yeah....Not surprising though LOL"
by asdfjkl;asdfjkl; March 12, 2008
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