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5 definitions by bexposito

"Camel Toe" written on a peice of paper, except when iced tea has been spilled on said paper and some dumb bitch reads it, then writes to a newspaper columnist because she thinks it's a drug her godson is taking. (Find the picture online)

Camel Toad The reason the pool is so popular.
OMG! Help me! My godson wrote on a peice of paper he was going to the pool to scout out some...err.... Camel Toads? YES! CAMEL TOADS! OMG it must be a drug because Urbandictionary.com doesn't have a definition nor does any drug dictionary! What the fuck is a Camel Toad!

You dumb fucking bitch.
by bexposito October 17, 2005
172 56
Random dirty words put after the title of a porn video on a p2p program, so that it will be detected by more searches.
Damn porn trails! I get this same video no matter what I search for!

"Hot asian sucks cock--- cunt suck threesome foursome gangbang gay lesbian straight femdom goth teenie licks balls rimjob assfuck farting crapping cumming bukkake rough fuck incest xxx granny milf baby beastiality fucking through hole in wall electrocution tit fuck.mpeg"
by bexposito December 12, 2005
90 31
(n.) When a woman sits on a mans erected penis, and swirls her ass around like a helicopter with his bone inserted in her poop chute.
Damn that Belgium Helicopter was good last night, but it left my dick all sore and bruised.
by bexposito November 17, 2005
62 24
(v.) To add bacon to anything, such as a Snickers, therefore making it delicious.
Sure, this is good pie, but lets BACONIZE it!
by bexposito November 17, 2005
13 5
"McOwned" or "McOwn3d"
A version of "Owned" or "Own3d" referring to the picture of Ronald McDonald being arrested that has been circulated throughout many internet picture sites. It basically has the same use of "Ownage" except.... more creative.
OMG dood! You just got fucking McOwned!

McOwned bitch!

How about some fries to go with that McOwnage???
by bexposito October 16, 2005
11 4