A Used To Be Cool As Group With 4 Pretty Boys In It. That Had Back To Back Multi-Platinum CD's, And All The Chicks Luved Em. And They Were Omarion, J-Boog, Raz-B, And Lil Fizz.
But Now They Start Fightin And Shit So Omarion Split From Them So Now Its 3 Members Left. They Couldnt Hold It Down For The 2004. And The Main Reason Is Because Omarion Is A Fame-Hog And He Might As Well Did The Whole Song.
B2K Is Supposed To Mean ''Boys Of The New Millenium''
by Skillz January 17, 2004
THE HOTTEST AFrican american group thats now breakin up cuz of OMARION the ugly one
Jboog is fine
B2k is so hot
by megan January 13, 2004
the best finest most talentest group ever in the history of the world. they are all fine but the finest one is lil fizz
by Armani October 10, 2003
finezzzttt boizz 4shoo
jarell sooo fine
aka jboog
by jarellzbabiigurll September 10, 2003
i think b2k is the best boy group that
ever came out they are SO CUTE!!!!!
(What else can eye say?)
by momma31994 August 27, 2003
a talented boy band who only stuck up boys tend to hate on but not all males hate them b coz they do have alot of male fans not just female
next up the talentwed young B2K
by bad boy July 13, 2003
4 fine black brothas from South Cali. They been and are gonna keep doing their thang in the music buis. THese fine brothas are very talented. Lil Fizz,Omarion,J-boog,and Raz-B. These yung brothas are tyte and are on the ryte track
B2K is signed to Epic Records, and are makin young gurls scream
by Mz.Fizzs_cutie July 01, 2003

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