four young strong black brothers with a heart and soul of a god. And the mind of a genious. they are talented courageous and deliver to the people
by Jannine James October 28, 2003
A Fine, young, talented, Stylish group who ain't got no time for yall hatin ass's out there.

They loved by most
Hated by many
yet wanted by plenty
In dis group iz-
Omarion-can sing his ass off
Fizz- So damn fine/sexy!!!
Raz-b-Got da lips of a lifetime
......and "knows exactly what a grl wants!"

"maybe thats the reason why i luv them!!"
by da1forFizz July 24, 2003
Sexy, fine, African - American men who sing and dance to make a dollar. They consist of Raz-B, J-Boog, Omarion, and Lil Fizz. They also continue to shkae the haters off because they dont need them.
B2K doesn't care what the haters think.
by Cherise July 08, 2003
b2k is the shit
fuck off Omega Death b2k is better than whatever piece of shit heavy metal you listen to
by your daddy July 03, 2003
A group of 4 fine young men who made beautiful music together and whom can never be duplicated nor replaced in any way shape or form. B2K= Omarion, J-Boog, Lil Fizz, and Raz-B. They were phenominal dancers and singers and will always be the best boy band of the 21st century and EVER!! They were hella funny. Boys 4 Life WILL come true with a little more time.
B2K is STILL and will always be hot!

The breakup is not Omarion's fault!
by Kayerz July 10, 2005
4 homosexual black kids who became a sensation because they relate more closely with the 10 year old girls they are marketing their gay ass whining to. They have gay names that usually start with one letter followed by a hyphen and some misspelled made up word. B2k is the gayest thing to hit music since Lil Bow Wow and Lil Romeo and all those other faggoty boys. If a truck fell on those four fuckers and killed them all, I wouldn't shed a single tear.
girl1: OMGWTFBBQ b2k <3 is SoOoOoO FiOne!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 FiZz!!!!!!!!1

me: Shut the fuck up bitch and get back to suckin my cock!
by B2kIsGay March 22, 2004
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