4 Gay Boy's with a gay manager and are a wannabe version of immature or IMX or whatever they are now
Lil fizz:he-she
Omarion:A big head no talent Bowwow?romeo Wanna-be Who is the gayest person in the group and thought he was the biggest thing ever so he broke up with B2GAY to do his own thing and likes his little solider more than he likes women to touch it
Raz-B:See Lil Fizz
Gay-Boog:See Lil Fizz
by #1 omarion hater April 02, 2005
b2gay i mean b2k r a bunch of retarted people dancing and singing who r the gayest boy band alive and they think they r koo
b2k is so gay if 2 choose ne day b4 meeting them id eat a stack of hay
by hot shot March 30, 2004
Cuddly boys
My little cousin likes Lil Fizz from b2k.
by pookie April 03, 2003
b2k - sum1 sed wot dus it mean ... well b is 4 bois and 2k mean yr 2000 (as in the milennium)
hehe b2k r heavy ... an der buff tings
by breadbin October 30, 2003

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