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10 definitions by Skillz

using roids or gear
by Skillz April 16, 2003
295 70
1)Diamonds, chains, earrings, watches etc.

2)If you ice somebody that means you shot and killed them.

3)Frozen water
1)Yo watch iz iced out!

2)Ai Yo! Homeboy just got iced!

3)Go get me some ice fo my kool-aid!
by Skillz December 30, 2003
331 234
iight i gotta settle this whole g-unit thang ya heard!

1)Its Guerilla Unit! Which means a group of people or a gang (g-unit) goes out and uses their power to bully and or harass people from another unit (Murder Inc.)

2) The g-unit we all know is made up of 50 cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo which is in jail, and Young Buc.
GUERILLA unit cuz they say we bugged out............
by Skillz December 30, 2003
43 24
A Used To Be Cool As Group With 4 Pretty Boys In It. That Had Back To Back Multi-Platinum CD's, And All The Chicks Luved Em. And They Were Omarion, J-Boog, Raz-B, And Lil Fizz.
But Now They Start Fightin And Shit So Omarion Split From Them So Now Its 3 Members Left. They Couldnt Hold It Down For The 2004. And The Main Reason Is Because Omarion Is A Fame-Hog And He Might As Well Did The Whole Song.
B2K Is Supposed To Mean ''Boys Of The New Millenium''
by Skillz January 17, 2004
15 13
some one who thinks he has been drinking lots of beer but for real he hasnt drank any beer
like a wanksta
by skillz May 03, 2003
0 2
To show disgustion in a certain act, by pretending to gag or hurl
Ew, your feet are Bleh!
by skillz October 11, 2004
4 12
A Plimp Is A Playa Mixed With A Pimp
I Aint A Just A Playa Or Just A Pimp Im A PLIMP
by Skillz January 04, 2004
12 28