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Commercialistic bullshit holiday invented by corporations to cash in on pussy-whipped men. Tries to create the image of love and when the day is really about money, greed and materialistic objects. It also makes single people feel miserable. Suicide rates are known to go up during this time of year.
"Hallmark and Fannie May all cash in on Valentines Day while making single people feel miserable in the process."
by DJHill February 14, 2004
A micro drive MP3 player made by Creative. Comes in 10 different colors (more than the iPod Mini). First models were 5 GB but new 4 & 6 GB models are now available. Also has a blue backlit trim which glows when the 12 hour, removable, rechargeable battery is charging. Those who haven't been brainwashed by Apple know the Zen Micro is the superior MP3 player.
"Why move around in circles to find the song you want? It's all about vertical navigation!"
by DJHill March 20, 2005
A song by Kanye West. Also a dance created by Kanye West while performing the song on stage at a concert.
1. "Jesus Walks" is a good song

2. Look at that dude on the dancefloor! He's bustin' out the Jesus Walks!
by DJHill August 24, 2004
Slang word for jail. It's called that because of the many rapings that go on between the inmates in there. As a matter of fact, that's why they call them inmates. Once you're IN jail you'll be MATING with one of those motherfuckers.
"Ricky got locked up and sent to the bootyhouse."
by DJHill February 14, 2004
Girls who often walk around wearing bright clothes, are stupid, act stuck up and conceited, look kinda good and chew bubble gum ALL THE DAMN TIME...in a consistent, annoying, loud way. Girls like these often are of low intelligence.
Me and my friend were walking down the street when we saw two bubblegum bitches pass by.
by DJHill February 23, 2004
Music service provided by Apple for use with the Apple iPod. Also a useless, piece of shit program with a somewhat limited amount of platforms supported (Only for Win XP, 2000 & Mac, Win ME & 98 users are left in the dark). Also a waste of time considering you can download music for FREE using programs such as Limewire or WinMX.
John: Hey, wanna go grab something to eat?
Fred: Nah, gots no money left. Spent it all buying songs off iTunes.
John: I told yo stupid ass to use Limewire. Oh well, it's yo dough...
by DJHill March 20, 2005
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