a stupid ass cologne that fat or unnatractive loser guys wear to try to attract women. Its a sham yet they have hope to beleive it will attract women even though their fat n nasty, thats how stupid they are. Axe cologne is also cheap as shit, usually worn by broke men. The commercials are cheesy as hell.
you stupid broke nega get some good cologne , that axe you wearin smells like grandmas ass.
by jojo February 25, 2005
to make a request or to call on for an answer
Say cuz, let me axe you something.
by Slick T September 02, 2005
The best deodorant available today.

Supposed to smell like various colognes(but with "original" names), but in actuallity smells closer to the odor given off by the shit you take after a day-long concert. Only men have the gene that lets us realize the truth. Girls have some deficiency, most likely from overuse of cosmetics. We wear it anyway, because is finally a deodorant we can casually pass around the locker room without sharing eachother`s pit hair covers up the BO until you can get your hands on some REAL deodorant
3.we know that because of their missing shit-smell-detection gene, most chicks have an unexpicable attraction to it.

Axe likes to call it "Kilo".
I call it "musk"

Nick: Shit, I forgot by D.O. today!
Brian: Its all cool, just take some of my Old Spice.
Nick: Hells no, you got pubes all up on that shit. Yo, Jay, lemme take a hit of that Axe!

Lee: Dude, you need some right guard!
John: But I already got my Axe on...
Lee: Exactly.

Meg: Hey.
Jim: Do I know you?
Meg: You smell like you`re wearing Axe.
Jim: Yeah, why?
Meg: Would you like a blow job?

Jordan had it made. 27 years, 7 figures, 2 mansions, finest girl. Til he overused Axe. Then he spontaneously failed at life.

Research on the missing shit-smell detection gene in women could be done, but scientists are not motivated on account of Axe is their only means of getting girls.
by tanukisanyo June 05, 2005
A more efficient way of saying "ask."

Through the long years on the street, where survival was of the utmost importance, in a land where drive-bys were a way of life, those who lived there were forced to develop a shorter way of communicating in order to survive.
I'm axin' you please, man! Don't kill me!
by DemonKilla July 12, 2004
a body spray made for men that sexually drives girls. some girls like it so much they wear it themselves.
1) dude, the other day I was wearing axe and this chik was totally all over me
2)OMG gurl!! he was wearing some axe and DAMN I wanted him!!
by babygiirl April 05, 2005
1. a really good-smelling cologne.

2. probably some other perverted definition.
1. "Damn he smells good. That guy must be wearing Axe."

2. "You shoulda seen that axe. That shit was tight."
by Laurie *is hot* April 09, 2005
the best smelling deodorant body spray there is.
girl:"when jared wears axe it turns me on"
other girl:"yeah me too, other stuff makes me gag
by jon1243 May 14, 2005
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