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An African American word for asked.
Jerome axed his mother for some money to go to the store.
by Maxwell December 17, 2004
1)Fired. Terminated from employment.
2) Cancellation of plans. Often because of outside circumstances.
1) "Homeboy got axed for goofing off at work."
2) "Yo, they axed the concert cuz the singer was all high."
by Jack Steranko November 29, 2003
To attack someone with an axe, or to be attacked by an axe. Also used widely by African Americans as a substitute word the for "asked"
"I axed these fools to play some ball."
by Xeph3r January 14, 2009
To ask someone a question, in past tence.
I axed Pedro a question, and all I gots was some "shh's".
by LiL_T June 09, 2006
To die and or suffer a horrible fate & or meet some grisly end.
Did you hear about James? He got axed last night by Carey, she shot him in the head then burned his body!
by Fusion235 June 12, 2007
A slang term used in NSW, Australia when someone is injured.
-=Guy falls off his skateboard and breaks an arm=-
Oh shite man, that dude got freakin' axed.

-=Guy punches another guy in the face, the guy falls over=-
He got freakin' axed!
by Damo2007 June 28, 2007
the term used to mean cut off, ended, or terminated
also means owned, pwned, wrecked
you just got axed by that girl (rejected)
by term your ass September 25, 2010
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