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Abbreviation of "fixing to". Normally means "going to".
I'm finna go da' sto!
by TimmyT June 09, 2003
v. The act of ejaculation.

n. Semen.
v. I'm bouts to nut!

n. I bust my nut on that bitch ass!
by TimmyT June 05, 2003
Ebonic form of the word "ask".
I was finna ax you a question.
by TimmyT June 09, 2003
An old bug in windows which would crash the computer.
<peer>OMG Dude go to teh run and type in the C:\con\con and hit run for a good game!
* Loser has quit irc (Connection Reset by Peer)
by TimmyT October 18, 2003
Newport brand cigarettes.
Q. What you smokin'?

A. Newpimps, nigga.
by TimmyT June 02, 2003
Your relatives, or "kin".
I went to the family reunion to pick up a new bride from my kinfolk.
by TimmyT October 18, 2003
A derogatory term toward black women. Usually infers that the woman is nappy headed and unkempt, like an African native.
Yo' mamma's a bush bitch!
by TimmyT June 05, 2003

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