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1: to have had something awesome just happen to you <”Wow, I just totally got awesomed!”> 2a: to have witnessed something awesome <”Dude, that totally awesomed me.”> 2b: to be used in lieu of “that was awesome” <”Awesomed.”>
I just saw a girl-fight at the mall between two catholic school girls, and it totally awesomed me.
by AwesomedOne December 15, 2009
verb. past tense.

To do something extremely violent to oneself for a cheap laugh.
Marvin: I got pissed off and slammed my face 7 times into the cutlery drawrer

Tim: You mean you just awesomed!

Marvin: I don't like that you're dating my mom...
by blackwavefilms May 07, 2009
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