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-proper noun
The name temporarily given to an unborn child until a name has been chosen by the parent(s). Often used by family and/or godparents to encourage the parent(s) to decide on a name.
1. I have some new names for Baby Fetus for you to consider, but I don't think you're going to like them.
2. Baby Fetus is a boy!
3. Baby Fetus is going to have the best godparents ever.
#baby #pregnant #expecting #baby names #name #child #children
by AwesomedOne December 23, 2010
Any of four folds of tissue of the female external genitalia that are floppier, flabbier, flappier, or fatter than normal.

i.e. A floppy, flabby, flappy, or fat labia.
Alice's flabia was so long that she had to walk bow-legged when not wearing panties in order to avoid pinching them with her thighs.

I motorboated her flabia.
#labia #labium #cameltoe #camel toe #vagina #pussy #vulva #beef curtains
by AwesomedOne January 25, 2011
1: to have had something awesome just happen to you <”Wow, I just totally got awesomed!”> 2a: to have witnessed something awesome <”Dude, that totally awesomed me.”> 2b: to be used in lieu of “that was awesome” <”Awesomed.”>
I just saw a girl-fight at the mall between two catholic school girls, and it totally awesomed me.
#impressed #excited #cool #sweet #awesome
by AwesomedOne December 15, 2009
A proposed typeface style to indicate that the selected text should be read with a sarcastic tone or within a sarcastic context (i.e. Bold, Underline, Italics, Sarcastics).

Currently indicated by enclosing the sarcastic word or phrase between two "\" marks. See examples below.
Since my friends are so slow, I have to write everything in sarcastics, so they won't be hopelessly confused, or worse yet, misunderstand me:

1. NBC is the \greatest\ thing to ever happen to the NHL.
2. \I just love getting voicemail from my doctor telling me the test results were positive.\
3. \Marry me.\
#sarcastic #type #typeface #font #idiots #morons #italics #bold #underline
by AwesomedOne April 20, 2010
The mysterious, previously unnoticed beginnings of a second chin that show up in pictures of you around the holidays. Typically caused by excessive eating and an abnormally high number of pictures being taken of you. Often only noticed in photographs by the owner of the mystery chin.
Despite being the only one to notice her mystery chin, Alice immediately began binge dieting after seeing this year's holiday pictures.
#mystery-chin #double chin #self-image #face #photos #pics
by AwesomedOne December 31, 2009
Any of a number of "smartphone" mobile devices produced by RIM that are lacking features available to iPhone and Droid users.
Full retail for an iPhone?!? I guess I'll just stick with my Lackberry until my 2 years is up...

No, I don't have that app...I have a Lackberry.
#blackberry #iphone #droid #smartphone #canada #crackberry
by AwesomedOne February 03, 2011
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