In a magazine article, Avril proclaimed, "I don't write 'Oh-baby-baby' songs". And what about Losing Grip. "Are you aware of what you make me feel, baby" oh what a contradictor. Avril means

A - Avril
V - Virginity
R - Recently
I - Is
L - Lost

^ because she fucked a lot, and brainwashes the world with her nonsense attitude that should be burnt in a basin of Hellfire (aka Eternal Damnation). May whoever who creates this puppet blesses its soul.. um it doesn't have one in the first place
Anna: Hi I recently "Avril"
John: What are you talking about?
Anna: Anna Virginity Recently Is Lost
John: My bad!

See also fake, get a life, originality please and fake oh yeah posuer so French :)
by Believe in Me April 05, 2004
Top Definition
A small town girl who writes all her own songs, always sings live, can play guitar, piano and drums. She has a huge fanbase due to her succsess as a ROCK/POP artist, she is NOT punk!
Listen to My World on the Let Go cd or you could watch the dvd which also has a concert on it. She is also similar to Alannis Morrisete.
by erica February 28, 2005
BORN: Avril Ramona Lavigne.
GENDER: Female.
D.O.B.: Sept. 27, 1984.
NATIONALITY: Canadian (Born in Napanee).
OCCUPATION: Music Artist (rock, pop, punk, some country). She plays the guitar, drums, and piano. She is also beginning to appear in movies, and is launching her modeling career.
APPEARANCE: Caucasian. Blue eyes. Naturally brown hair, but recently died blonde. Petit build. GORGEOUS!
MARITAL STATUS: Engaged to Derek Whibley of rock group, "Sum 41".

An amazing, beautiful, confident, young artist who started out as a small-town girl with a dream, and a great pair of pipes to boot! She was discovered by famous country singer, Shania Twain, when Av won a contest to sing with her hero. She made her way to stardom, one step at a time, starting out with such hits like "Sk8er Boi" and "Complicated" in 2002, after signing with Arista Records. She has produced two albums, "Let Go" and "Under My Skin" (plus several singles), and is currently working on her third cd. Even through all the critisism she recieved for being who she is, Avril has constantly managed to stay on top. She has always been original and different from all of the other artists in the biz, and empowered girls and young women to stand up for them selves and be who they want to be.

NOTE: For all of you who disagree with me...that's okay. I'm not going to argue with you, because this is just my opinion. We're all entitled to our own. What matters is that Avril's music means something to ME. If her music doesn't do it for other people, I'm sure they will find another artist that will. Music is subjective and not everyone can agree. But that's what makes us, and music, exciting and different! If she means nothing to you, just let it be. Don't stomp on other people's inspiration. No one person can please everyone, but Avril sure has pleased me.
Avril Lavigne is my role model. Her songs are my voice when I cannot speak. The power her music gives me is indescribable in words.
by nickchik April 18, 2006
1.she speaks her mind about people
2.she has got style even if it is different to your 'Britany Spears'
3.she has great lyrics wich are way better than your manifactured crap that britany spears and jessica simpson sing.
If you dont like her, then y would u even look her up u pathetically immature bitches??
4 anyone who doesnt think she can sing or she is trying to be somebody, then u r a person who is so jelous of somebody that u have to go and critisise 2 get some attention. and 2 me that is pathetic.
by dd 182 August 22, 2005
Someone who went with her own style and got labeled a poser. Funny how quick people who say they're against labels slap labels on people, huh? fscking hypocrites. Punk isn't about how you sing or dress, punk is about being yourself and not conforming yourself to the way other people want you to be. And as soon as somone comes along that actually doesn't conform to an expected singing style, all the self-proclaimed 'unconformists' slam her for what she likes. She didn't cause the downfall of anything, maybe she only exposed the hypocrits in the punk community. The Ramones did plenty of 60s pop songs, but come on! They were one of the best punk bands of the 20th century. You don't have to like her (I think her voice is... less than perfect) but if you're going to not like her, don't do it for a reason that's so popular, like the label of "poser." She didn't ruin punk, it's still a great form of music.
"OMG avril is a poser. :O ::turns on Good Charlotte::"
by Carrot May 07, 2004
She stands up for what she believes in and no record company can make you something your not. Considering she switched record labels more than once because they were tring to make her someone she was not. And how many other artists actually write their own songs, play piano, guitar, and drums. Not many especially not many 20 year olds. So no matter what you may think or be jealous that she made it and you didn't dont disrespect her for doing her thing and doing it very well.
Avril Lavigne is a person who is herself, and has put her career from the begining in jeapordy because of that mentality that being an individual is more important than following a record companies beliefs.
by Sven November 01, 2004
A kick-ass singer/songwriter from Canada. Is not influenced by other people and is not afraid to be her own person. Wears what she likes to wear and does what she likes to do. Says what she feels. Is sympathetic and very pretty. Is a great singer and respects her fans. She is often slated by other people because they follow the sheep. To those who don't respect her: get over yourself.
"OMG did you see that Avril apparently said 'Fuck you!' and spat at the papparazi!?!"

Avril (interview on Seventeen magazine): I was at the nightclub Hyde, and there were a million paparazzi guys. They’re all these gross older men, like disgusting-scum of the earth. They follow you around with clipboards and these glossy pictures of your and a blue Sharpie. They shove it in your face when you walk out of a club, then sell it on eBay, so I went “F*** you, f*** you, f*** you” on mine. (Laughs.) Then I spit on them. And they love it. They’re all laughing – “Avril spit on me!” But I’d been spitting on them for two years and that one time it became a story. They cared this time because there was nothing else going on. Like the Britney no-underwear thing – they always need a story. At that particular time there was nothing to talk about, so they made it into a story about me saying “F*** you!” to my fans who were waiting for autographs. But it was outside at Hyde at one’o clock in the morning! And these were men- not my fans. I would never in a million years…So I put out a statement and said, “Sorry about my behaviour- that was not toward my fans.”
by Dearbhla March 21, 2007
Pop musician singer diva chick lady.

She writes pop songs, and "dresses punk," to the dismay of many people in the true punk scene (AKA elito-conformists).

Although many people call her a disgrace, you cannot "dress punk," because punk is a lifestyle and a decision, not a fashion; therefore, there is nothing wrong with her; I also don't believe she claimed to be punk, and if she did, who cares?!
SLC: I don't like Avril too much, she's kinda like every other pop diva chick.

Elitist: I hate Avril cuz she thinks she's punk

Teeny: I love Avril, look at how hardcore I am now

Normal person: Who cares.
by SLC September 15, 2005
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