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Opposite of a mullet. Where yo is pretty much shaved in th back and long on top. Its damn ugly.
Brohanishia: oh hell no. Shit. what the fuck is on top of yo head. Take that shit off.

Treynicia: Damn gurl. I didn't know it was gonna affect you like that. I'll be takin it off as soon as possible because I didn't know I would be actin a fool with this raggedy ass haircut. Sorry gurl. I gotsta represent a little more next time.

Both in unison: YOU KNOW!
by 2HotBlackWomen May 05, 2005
Okaaaay. So. Ostiwanna is basically like da opposite of a lava. (refer to the search portion of this site if you dont know what lava means. por favor.) Dey dont be down to bust down when you be needin' dem. N shit. Dey basically jus' hobags. who dont be taking basic essentials, like us hot people. okay.
Farenheishiya - Gurl, you be a bitch today.

Douglita - it don't even matta ta me.

Farenheishiya - Well you needs ta stop actin' like an ostiwanna and represent.

Douglita - you don't know.
by 2HotBlackWomen April 05, 2005
A friend or person or acquiantance (sp?) who is up in the nana's. (If you dont know what "nana's" is, refer to it in the search portion of www.urbandictionary.com made by 2HotBlackWomen).
Naquaishia: Dang Lava! I lovin' yo new belt!

Douglita: Shiiiit. I bought it up in Walmart. Those lava's be havin' good prices n shit yo.

Both in unison: "YOU KNOW"
by 2HotBlackWomen March 28, 2005
To be extremely talented, hot, black, larger kind of - but still hot (it don't even matter ta her), she is all up in the nana's (refer to Nana's on the search portion of this site.), and will beat down a lava (refer to Lava on the search portion of this site) if they do not perform their lava duties up to basic essential levels.
Britannica: You is all up in here havin' that ashley syndrome and I be likin' you a lot mo fo that.

Kwalishakwa: Thanks gurl.


both in unison: YOU KNOW
by 2HotBlackWomen March 28, 2005
Is opposite of Nanas. (search Nanas on the search portion of this website and look for the definition given by 2HotBlackWomen.)

Is sum1 who is a ostiwana (again, search it.). Their main crib be chillin in the bobos - because they un-lava-like like that.

Check it: we dont like them.
Quarnifia: DAAAAANG. What's wrong witchoo today?

Eikisha: Uh. It don't even matta.

Quarnifia: Well you be actin like a ostiwana.

Eikisha: Well i guess that mean I be down in the bobos dont it.

Quanifia: yea.

Both in unison (while giggling): YOU KNOW!
by 2HotBlackWomen April 19, 2005
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