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Pop musician singer diva chick lady.

She writes pop songs, and "dresses punk," to the dismay of many people in the true punk scene (AKA elito-conformists).

Although many people call her a disgrace, you cannot "dress punk," because punk is a lifestyle and a decision, not a fashion; therefore, there is nothing wrong with her; I also don't believe she claimed to be punk, and if she did, who cares?!
SLC: I don't like Avril too much, she's kinda like every other pop diva chick.

Elitist: I hate Avril cuz she thinks she's punk

Teeny: I love Avril, look at how hardcore I am now

Normal person: Who cares.
by SLC September 15, 2005
A website that has been taken over by:

Conservatives who rant their political and untrue propaganda
Elito-Conformist "punks" who bash every type of music that isn't considered "classic"
Stupid teenagers who use this as a place to make fun of their friends
Biggots who make fun of people based on their religions and races and names and genders and sexualities.
1. Israel is a nation, Arabs are subhuman, here on Urban Dictionary.
2. Green Day sucks, ALL of their fans think they are punk, here on Urban Dictionary.
3. (Bob)is an asshole, here on Urban Dictionary
4. I hate black people and gay people, here on Urban Dictionary.

by SLC September 18, 2005
A kickass rock NOT PUNK band.

In truth, punk is just conformity, just like the preppy pricks. Punk is just a bunch of hardcore kids who get together and pretend they are better than eachother.

Therefore Green Day IS NOT PUNK. They are more pop and rock than punk.

They are a great band, with great lyrics, to relate to suburban teenage boredom, the problems of the suburban kids, the plights of corporate rebel f*ck ups. While some people say it is pathetic to write songs for so called poor little rich people, those people are pricks that think money is everything, and that rich people are automatically perfect and happy, perpetuating their own hate for themselves, seeking out an enemy (AKA the rich).

All in all, Green Day is a great rock band.
It's funny how every time Green Day comes out with a great album, all these pricks who want to sound hardcore diss the new album to sound badass and say, "I only like the old album, look at how hardcore I am!" They are the true conformists.

PS American Idiot = their best album in my opinion, and it definitely doesn't suck.

by SLC September 14, 2005
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