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Masturbation restricted to the ass region. Usually performed by placing dildos, buttplugs, fingers, toothbrushes, or whatever else may be handy into the anal cavity. Lube is optional but highly recommended.
Suzy had never considered assturbation until she overheard Julie talking to Maria about shoving a 9 inch vibrator up her ass while fantasizing about Tom (Suzys dad).
by mindrape November 15, 2005
Masturbation focused on pleasuring the butt, whether it be by massage or insertion.
Wow, this banana is frozen rock solid. I'm gonna have a good assturbation session tonight!
by Twiggins Q. Neugebauer June 20, 2011
To pleasure the anal cavity of oneself with the intent of sexual gratification.
I really wanted to go down on her last night, but when I got home she was in the middle of an assturbation session to the new Justin Timberlake video.
by decamel August 28, 2013
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