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a dance gavin dance song that is amazing.
Well, it doesn't really matter right now because you are Rock Solid.
by dgdAAske April 03, 2009
A porn star who has a penis that is as hard as a rock.
Tommy rocksolid took 2 plungers to the toothless girl at the bar.
by Rocksama wantsama April 25, 2007
If some1 does something extremely stupid, or hypocritical, they can be said to have done a, or been rock solid.

The meaning of why you say "rock solid" is left to interpretation, it's funny any possible way.
person talks about something and is completely wrong in every way. you can then say "rock solid" indicating they are dumb/stupid.
by non-rock solid October 09, 2006
a person who makes stupid comments and craps on about total shit.
a rock solid usually says:
dip dip
penis vagina
poofta penis
if u were my father id adopt u
by dip dip July 23, 2006
someone who is extremely unreliable in every aspect
dude 1: nah dude, dont let john get the stuff, hes rock solid
dude 2: fucking anoying
by snitchsmack May 24, 2009
Somebody who just did something really dumb and probably didn't think about it or did something dumb by accident would be "Rock Solid."
Let's say your friend just fell off his chair. You would say, "Haha, dude you're Rock Solid!"
by xUS3RN4M3x April 09, 2009
Some stupid shit that some asscrack made up. It's SUCH a hispanic word, I mean jeez. OBVIOUSLY rock is solid. I'm sorry, but it's just like your stating the oblvious, and your OBLIVIOUS to it. Don't try to be cool and say rock solid, it sounds retarded.
like someone saying pillow soft, dude!! but only rock solid
by oblivious November 16, 2004
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