Suffix for all words. Mainly adjectives. Can also be used for nouns.
ADJ: That was one long-ass walk

N: My dad drives some Ford-ass car
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
what makes a guy want a girl
see ass booty donk butt etc.
by guythatlovesass :) August 23, 2009
A Stupid Statement.
Ryan says:
LOL means laugh out loud
John says:

by fly4awhiteguyshamwow January 23, 2009
adverb meaning 'very' or 'extremely' that may occur before or after the adjective it modifies, often in conjunction with the word "dude".
Dude, its ass-cold tonight!
This is a long-ass movie!
by Hey Mambo December 13, 2002
An Agent of Secret Stuff(ASS). The existance of ASSes was unknown until they were revealed in youtube celeberty Nigahiga's short-film - "Agents of Secret Stuff".
Guy 1: Ryan's an ASS.
Guy 2: Dude, that's mean!
Guy 1: No, I meant that he's an ASS for the government!
by DrPepper47 June 16, 2011
abbrev. Ashley Simpson Syndrome

a condition caused by the unwarranted promotion of a talentless, tasteless, or otherwise unworthy person, event, location, or other. Popularized by the insane amount of promotion given to Ashley Simpson despite the fact that nobody liked her or her music. Phrase was originally coined on "Riding with the window down..." podcast - June 12, 2006.
After seeing that the reviews and reality of the new blockbuster were not at all the same, he chalked it up to another case of A.S.S.

Ashley Simpson Syndrome has caused countless cases of buyer's remorse whenever someone believes the hype and buys an album, DVD, etc.
by Chris Doelle August 15, 2006
1. Literal:

— a. A donkey, a jackass.

— b. The posterior of a person or animal, particularly the buttocks.

2. A despicable person, an asshole.

— a. More specific, a stubborn or uncooperative person.

— b. More specific, an embarrassing person, one who has made a scene through clumsy, boorish, or stupid behavior, a jackass.

3. Used in lieu of pronouns, e.g. 'your ass' instead of 'you'; not usu. meant literally.

4. suffix to an adjective

— a. emphasizes the adjective, i.e. bigass

— b. n. a person who exhibits a given quality

5. Sex (see also booty)

— a. The anus and rectum, the asshole.

— b. Sexual activity, esp. coitus with a female.
1a. "Farmer Dean has three asses."
1b. "Why are you looking at pictures of a horse's ass?"
2./2a. "Why are you being such an ass about it?"
2b. "You're just making an ass of yourself now."
3. "Just get his ass to the club, he'll get some."
4a. "They pick up this bigass log, right, like they' helpin' somebody hop a fence and they try to flip that shit end over end. It's crazy."
4b. "He's not just a dumbass, he's a fatass, too."
5a. "You dumped a girl who was willing to lick your ass?"
5b. "With this ride, I'm bound to get some ass tonight."
by David Davids0n October 03, 2009

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