1. Literal:

— a. A donkey, a jackass.

— b. The posterior of a person or animal, particularly the buttocks.

2. A despicable person, an asshole.

— a. More specific, a stubborn or uncooperative person.

— b. More specific, an embarrassing person, one who has made a scene through clumsy, boorish, or stupid behavior, a jackass.

3. Used in lieu of pronouns, e.g. 'your ass' instead of 'you'; not usu. meant literally.

4. suffix to an adjective

— a. emphasizes the adjective, i.e. bigass

— b. n. a person who exhibits a given quality

5. Sex (see also booty)

— a. The anus and rectum, the asshole.

— b. Sexual activity, esp. coitus with a female.
1a. "Farmer Dean has three asses."
1b. "Why are you looking at pictures of a horse's ass?"
2./2a. "Why are you being such an ass about it?"
2b. "You're just making an ass of yourself now."
3. "Just get his ass to the club, he'll get some."
4a. "They pick up this bigass log, right, like they' helpin' somebody hop a fence and they try to flip that shit end over end. It's crazy."
4b. "He's not just a dumbass, he's a fatass, too."
5a. "You dumped a girl who was willing to lick your ass?"
5b. "With this ride, I'm bound to get some ass tonight."
by David Davids0n October 03, 2009
Quadraped, equine family with long ears :- donkey.
To be compared to a donkey:- ignorant and stupid, an insult.
"You stupid ass!"


A popular but childish corruption of the word:- arse which came about by the popularization of malapropisms and poor diction in uneducated American media commentary and colloquial speech normally associated with thugs, gangsters and lower working class. (TV interviews of simple folk.) C1950s

Children will mispronounce words and confuse them unless corrected by adults. If the adults know no better ( foreign language use) then the word is accepted into the adult language without challenge and becomes an indicator word for ignorance. ( A lack of knowledge).

Moreover, ass is a product of censorship in America to avoid the use of the word "arse" on TV. 'Ass' was used in its place to circumvent the censor C1950s. (It was ok to call someone an 'ass' but not an 'arse') Americans still use the word to replace arse but are confused as to its origin and meaning.

The confusion of ass / arse, continues from the lack of phonics taught in American infants classes and the continuing lack of eloquence in the media and some of the adult population.
The words are not the same nor do they sound the same, nor do they have a similar derivation.
When ass is used in place of arse, it acts as an education and class indicator and deflects the listener to ridicule the intellect or background of the speaker, in most cases silently.The intended insult, "you ass hole", or description is lost unless, of course it is used on someone from the same background who is equally ignorant.
"You stupid ass!" An insult calling you a donkey.
"The ass was in the stable with Jesus."
'The law is an ass'
Not to be confused with Arse from the Greek:-orrhos
Ass comes from Latin:- asinus
by Hsilgne Yranoitcid October 15, 2005
butthole, donkey, jerk, jack ass
that dude right there is an ass
by boogerboy June 14, 2003
Youre an ass
by hallajula October 15, 2010
Something you ain't got; butt.
Shawty got ass bruh!
by LlamaMama902 January 20, 2015
A word describing someone with a serious lack of hygiene, a temporary disease of laziness associated with smelling like the shit-filled colon of a pregnant wildabeast with elephantitis of the anus i.e. A.S.S. : Absence of Shower Sydrome
Dude 1: I believe honestly that Ted has not taken a shower in 16 days.

Dude 2: Yeah, he told me not to say anything he went to the doctor and they diagnosed him with A.S.S.(ass)
Dude 1: Really I thought he was just a lazy smelly bastard
by krikeymynipple April 07, 2010
the best part of the body to fuck
damn....look at her round ass, i gotz ta fuck that, hmmm
by Andyhank August 18, 2005

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