another definition for sleeping with a female; having sexual intercourse with someone. Not to be directly associated with the anus or rectum.
1) Man I has got to gets me some ass tonight!

2) Did you get some ass last night?
by Johan of Seminole County July 28, 2005
The buttocks, one of the most adored parts of the female body. Considered by many men to be better than boobs
An awesome ass makes up for a lack of rack!
by brian043 July 10, 2008
1. (n.) glutimus-maximus
2. (suff.) Used to form the comparative degree of adjectives: tight-ass; bad-ass; crazy-ass
1. Get off yo' ass and dance!
2. Them's some crazy-ass motherfuckers.
by k1 October 03, 2001
A part of your body that has most of all chances to be kicked.

I hate that mazafacker, man. He's gonna have his ass kicked!
by Notorious M.A.X. September 21, 2005
according to one of the definitions for acronym ASS is an acronym for angle-side-side. that reminded me of a maths lesson where we were told that 'ASS does not work' and i have still remembered that lesson.
Teacher: And now we conclude that ASS does not work
everyone else: haaaaaahaha
by oi prick July 12, 2005
Originally just the name for the donkey, this word had no filthy connotations until about the late 1700s, early 1800s, when the pronunciation of true (English) word for the backside, "arse", had changed enough to sound much like "ass", seeing as how the English often don't pronounce the "r" when they speak.

To avoid any unwanted baggage associated with the word, the name of the ass was changed to "donkey". As a result, the word "arse" has disappeared from American vocabulary.

Although before World War I they were similar, the British pronunciations of "ass" /æs/ and "arse" /ɑːs/ are now very different.
-"Joe, how do you say donkey in Spanish?"
-"How would you spell it?"
-"... it seems that you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground."
by Lorelili January 09, 2006
word inserted between an adjective and a noun for seemingly no reason at all
Dude: Man, that's some hot ass bitches!!

Gal: Girl, look at them ugly ass boys!!

Mom: I'm tired of these bad ass kids!!

Teacher: Get ready to take this hard ass test!!

Meteorologist: There's a 30% chance it's gonna be a hot ass day!!
by prudence-mcgee July 15, 2010
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