the best part of the body to fuck
damn....look at her round ass, i gotz ta fuck that, hmmm
by Andyhank August 18, 2005
1. Donkey
2. US variant of arse
by Clive September 07, 2003
person who is very dumb
dumb ass
by ayona December 24, 2010
ass = mean transport of Transylvanie
I lick ass, she take girl to me in village. Girl lick ass too, she glad have ride ass.
by Mr..Hyde November 04, 2010
1. A donkey or mule
2. Stupid person
3. Slang for butt
1. Teacher: And this is an ass. It can carry heavy things around.
The 6-year-olds suddenly start laughing.

2. Stupid person: Hey, I like your bathroom, can I install a TV?
You: What an ass.

3. A really hot girl passes by, and a horny guy grabs her butt and won't let go.
Girl: Let go of my ass, you freak!
by Junkyard Squirrel July 29, 2010
An insult that has to be one of the most overused on the ENTIRE planet! It has no power behind it at all. It all got flushed down the toilet years ago.
That guy in the produce department is an ass, he stared at minte for 2 hours while I was shopping!
by hahauwish August 15, 2009
a rude person
That guy was such an ass
by Asshead February 17, 2003

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