This is how you would describe the WWE Superstar, Edge, after his recent heel turn.
Uggh that Edge is such an ass.
Correction, he IS Ass.
by Jorgey March 05, 2005
Suffix. When added, accentuates the extreme of the word coming before.
Baracka-flocka flame's one hood-ass nigga.

I'm a rich-ass nigga.
by Baracka-Flocka-Flame December 07, 2010
something you sit on
girl: eww did you just fart?!?!
boy: no
*boy looks under cloth*
boy: no my ass just sat on it
girl: oooh thats still nasty
by iJERKimHiP July 20, 2010
1. Donkey
2. US variant of arse
by Clive September 07, 2003
1.Using the word at the end of a sentence or randomly to make yourself sound cool or funny.

2.Using the word around the wrong people and getting bitched at for using it.
1.Man: Ass!

Other People: ha ha that was funny.

2.Man: okay so how was your day? Ass!

Woman: It was okay, but was that necessary? Just because you say that doesn't make you cool.
by Christopher eckelstien February 06, 2010
1. Another word for butt that people use more often for some reason. It's mainly used for being perverted (touching people :|)

Person1: I grabbed her ass.
Person2: If only she was carrying a baseball bat.

2. Dumb person. Very overused and not really for alot of good reasons. Also used as asshat, smartass, dumbass ect,.

Person2: Good morning Person1 :)
Person1: Stop being such an ass.
Person2: Wtf did I do? o_o'

3. Donkey or mule.

Person1: I rode an ass up a mountain.
Person2: I don't want to know o_o'
An ass is a person's behind or a mule.
by Dymelle January 19, 2010
An insult that has to be one of the most overused on the ENTIRE planet! It has no power behind it at all. It all got flushed down the toilet years ago.
That guy in the produce department is an ass, he stared at minte for 2 hours while I was shopping!
by hahauwish August 15, 2009

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