Suffix added to adjectives and participles to intensify their meaning. By extention, these words may used as abstract nouns.
Party Grrl One: That stupid drunk-ass just fell into the pool!
Party Grrl Two: Hey, check out that nasty-ass drunk streaking down the street like a dumbass!
Party Grrl One: Cool! That gives me a chance to talk to his fineass brother.
by fcsuper December 16, 2006
a suffix that can be added to most descriptive words
by Rosh April 20, 2003
1. Four legged mammal similar in appearance to a horse, albeit a particularly straggly, smelly horse. The donkey belongs to this particular segment of equestrians.

2. The buttocks/anus.

3. A woman/man of particular aesthetic quality.

4. A fool. In this context, usually prefixed with 'dumb'.

5. Used as a suffix for any number of adjectives, usually by children. See below for examples.
1. "I will buy this ass for seven groats, no more!"

2. "My ass is killing me. I'm never eating Chicken Phaal again."

3. "Shheeeaaat! Check out that fine piece 'o' ass! (whistle)"

4. "You dumbass! Get the cat out of there, I need to do a number two!"

5. Lame-ass, Dumb-ass, Stoopid-ass(sic), Fruity-ass, Vacuous-ass, Interminable-ass, Destabilisable-ass.
by Coaldrone January 24, 2004
A football based game when there is a goal keeper (only 1.) and outfeild players. (no limit to players.)

It is advised NOT to play this game against a wall as it doesent work as well as it can cause arguments and maybe a fight.

The aim of the game is you must volley or head the ball in the goal against the goal keeper a certain amount of times (amount of times can be choosen. Must be a limit of 5 or over.) The goal keeper is 1 team. He has no other team mates.

When you reach the last goal needed, you MUST head it in. This is called "doggy." If you score it with a volley in this time you are automaticly in goal.

You can NOT set your self up with a volley OR header as it is devised as cheating.

For the goal keeper to get another player to go in goal and get him out, he must catch the ball before it hits the ground. The last player to touch the ball when its caught is in goal, this counts for reflections. After which the goal keeper is an outfeild player and the person who had the ball caught is in goal.

If you hand-ball the ball, you are automaticly in goal and the goal keeper becomes an outfeild player.

When all the goals have been scored and "doggy" has been scored, the present-time goal keeper must have the ball pelted at him from 20 foot-steps out. The reason this game is called ass'es is because he must bend over and have the ball shot at his ass!

All the outfeild players (and even the ones who were in goal in the past) has a shot at his ass. they all get 1 shot each.

If a player makes perfect conection with his shot, he may take another shot OR give it to another player.

If you score a goal WITHOUT volleying it or heading it at any point in the game you are automaticly in goal.

The reason you shouldent play this against a wall is if your an outfeild player, and you kick the ball out for a goal kick, you are AUTOMATICLY in goal, even if you head it or volley it!
Callan: Come on lads, its "doggy", score the bloody goal so we can finsh this game of Ass'es

*oli heads it in*

Everyone: YESSSSSSS!!!

*Ashly gets ass pelted by ball*
by shaun1 August 24, 2006
A seat permanently attached to you for life. According to the Tourette's Guy, it's embarrassing as f*ck to have one.
"It's embarrassing as f*ck to have an ass!"- Tourette's Guy
by septim's heir July 29, 2010
2.A lower class or stupid person.
1.Wow, that chick has a nice ass.

2.Why were you such an ass in class today?
by Erik LS November 27, 2008
Can be used to emphasize an adjective.
big-ass, funny-ass, smart-ass, stupid-ass, crazy-ass, loud-ass, etc.
by your head asplode April 17, 2005
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