A.R.M is an acronym for American resistance movement. The American resistance movement is in essence a bunch of ex army soldiers and marine core rejects that seem to always find a reason to hate the government, every religion except christianity, every race except for white people, and democrats. Also they lack intelligence have many children, a wife whom they most likely rape repetitively, drink beer everyday except for sunday when they respect the lord by supporting there meth addictions while the leave there kids watching spongebob for hours on end. They enjoy drinking mountain dew, and beating and/or treating there women as maids instead of partners. Watch out for the ARM.
Dude my friend is in the ARM, he beats his wife n steals from her purse to buy meth, and mountain dew.
by true republican March 23, 2011
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Top Definition be considered mean..something that happens that's not right
2.armz howse iz somthing that is really mean..
1."my teacher iz so armz..he made punked me the whole class"
2."he beat him up for no reason!! daz armz HOWSE!!
by Scar May 01, 2003
1. An upper-body limb on a human.

2. A weapon, typically a gun of some sort.

3. Apparantly, a very under-appreciated word on the Urban Dictionary, seeing as how this is the first post under this word.
1. I just spilt hot wax on my arm.

2. The guy who robbed the bank was armed.

3. Nubluva found an old word that many people use, but no one has yet defined on Urban Dictionary.
by Nubluva April 09, 2006
1. adj. Of or relating to an occurrence of any event or noun having put one's mood down; esp. by ways of rudeness, bitchiness, or acts of being mean to another.
"He got punked today yo, everyday dis man gets punked--holee dat's arms!";
also {derivative from the hostility of a firearm when held at gunpoint, thus making one feel incomprehensible fear that would induce a 'pissing in the pants'; (1947: soldiers lined up for execution by way of arms)}.
2. n. Any of the limbs connected to shoulders or midriff of any body. An arm, forearm, or upperarm; also lowerarm.
"Both his arms were torn off in the accident."
3. n. pl. Any gun, handgun, pistol, auto or semi-automatic, (projectile)firing weapon held at one's side near arm; esp. that used in combat or war. A firearm.
"Arms ready!" (command issued to prepare for gunfire)
4. v. To Arm. To prepare or put into readiness; esp. placing armour before moment of combat.
"He arms himself with two large pistols."
5. v. To be held in arms or one's arms. To be loved. To be given grace.
"The child was held in arms."
"He got punked today yo, everyday dis man gets punked--holee dat's arms!";
"Both his arms were torn off in the accident.";
"Arms ready!" (command issued to prepare for gunfire);
"He arms himself with two large pistols.";
"The child was held in arms."
by mb December 24, 2003
Someone doing something that is considered mean
"Yo your arms for leavin your sister in the cold like that"
by Tishia December 09, 2002
things on the side of your body
'Wow thats a fine pair of arms'
by Kaine August 08, 2004
Anal Retentive Monkey
Well, well, Jeeves. It would appear that Cullen won't be able to attend Little Jeb's 23rd Birthday party. He's being quite the A.R.M. Cancel his membership to the O.M.R. Junior Yachtery Club for Richers.
by Purple Teamers September 19, 2003
comes from east london and means beef
from the song 'foward riddim' , or 'pow' by lethal b , 'u dont wanna bring ARMS out , i'll bring ARMS out to your mums house.' or jus simply 'thats an ARMS ting'
by J-Town April 14, 2005
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