5 definitions by J-Town

comes from east london and means beef
from the song 'foward riddim' , or 'pow' by lethal b , 'u dont wanna bring ARMS out , i'll bring ARMS out to your mums house.' or jus simply 'thats an ARMS ting'
by J-Town April 14, 2005
To show ones nipples to someone of the same and/or oppisite sex. Most of the time it is one nipple.
Yo she flashed us and we saw some total nipplage!
by J-town November 04, 2003
means someone or something buff
'34DD , yeah thats pretty pow'
by J-Town April 14, 2005
means to mess around with a girl , but nothing serious , 2 play her.
'nah i dont wanna go out with her , jus pice her.'
'i piced her'
by J-Town April 14, 2005
in south london and other parts , to 'juke' someone means to stab them
'do u wanna get juked' ,'i'll juke him'
by J-Town April 14, 2005

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