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1.to be considered mean..something that happens that's not right
2.armz howse iz somthing that is really mean..
1."my teacher iz so armz..he made punked me the whole class"
2."he beat him up for no reason!! daz armz HOWSE!!
by Scar May 01, 2003
Apu's last name from the Simpsons
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is an illegal immigrant
by Scar October 31, 2003
originated from the italian word "gitoni" which meant foosball or table soccer. people called it gitz for short and spelled it "jitz" for style
lets go run some jitz
by scar September 06, 2003
Fucking someone in the ass sideways, then slapping lotion on their back.
1. Wanna golliwhomp?
2. "Tonight, when I'm with Suzan, I'm so gonna Golliwhomp her; she won't know what hit her!"
by SCAR October 14, 2004
to wen someone is wants to know if it's ferrell or serrious but cant make up dem minds
"are yooh ferrserrious??"
by Scar May 01, 2003
filipino superstar
ima flipstar..!!
by Scar October 31, 2003
so be incredibly horrible, terrible, and ghetto..this illness is permanent
yer gay..friggin superimaghettorrible
by Scar May 01, 2003

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