Off-shoot of bro. Meaning brother.

Slang derived from the Australian SMS dictionary function on mobile telephones, where typing 'b', 'r' and 'o' (276) comes out as 'arm'.

Used as substitute for bro in verbal speech as well as in SMS form.
Hey arm, get the hell back here!

Get the arms - we're going out tonight!
by Larking April 17, 2006
Part of the body that, if nice, need a licking.
"Look at them arms - asking for a licking"
by *Addy* January 29, 2005
Arms- Arms is a British slang meaning arguments
"I dont wanna have arms"
"Simon and I have arms"
As R.S has said "I'll bring some arms round to your mums house..."
via giphy
by NatashaLdn August 10, 2016
A hot date to an event, usually school formal/prom to impress everyone else at the event. Usually someone you don't know very well but are extremely attractive.
'I don't really like her, just took her for the arm so everyone would be mirin'
by qazer101 July 04, 2016
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