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to be without a fucking clue.
Man 1 - Where did that bloke go?
Man 2 - Dunno mate, i'm baffed!
by conjunction July 16, 2003
a word used when you want to voice agreement with someone.
Man 1 - Dat girl dere's buff.
Man 2 - Truesay blood, truesay.
by conjunction July 14, 2003
one's virginity.
Man 1: Yo Dawg, did you close the deal wit dat girl last nite?
Man 2: Fo shizzle my nizzle, the cherry was popped!
Man 1: You mean the girl was a virgin? Dat of the hizzle my bizzle!
by conjunction August 12, 2003
to have arms with some one, to fight
'Dont make me have arms wit you bouy.'
by conjunction July 16, 2003
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