A popular computer, up there with Microsoft and PC. Fun to kick down the stairs because of their crappiness (read: freezes up every 0.0000000005 seconds)
Hey guys! Let's go bowling with my new Apple computer!
by RatchetBoo July 06, 2003
a large, cumbersome, ugly, expensive paperweight
"The theif stole my papers, but not the colorful apple computer I was using to hold them down."
by the sheepherder July 05, 2003
A weaksauce way of using a "computer."
Apple Computers lick ass!
by The Jinj July 03, 2003
1.)Something less than a PC.

2.)A useless item.

3.)A tool used by generally evil people to do wrong.
OMG your apple computer sucks. PC OWNS APPLE.

I'd gladly trade an apple computer for a rock.

Satan uses apple computers to control ignorant people.
by PC fan July 03, 2003
1) a iMac (mac) computer for people who are anti-microsoft
2) a computer made out of a giant apple
I just took a bite outta my apple computer, man, it tasted like apples.
by munKii poO July 01, 2003
crappy immitation for the pc. barely ever works, very slow
If i owned an apple computer i would burn it.
by me July 01, 2003
Has-been computer company with a cult-like following. Great graphics, not compatible with anything (see proprietary). Would have been a good computing system for beginners had Microsloth not stolen some of its ideas. Overpriced, doomed to go the way of the Atari and Commodore. Makes a great boat anchor.
Steve was really pissed off when he found out Bill took his idea for Windows and started developing software for IBM instead of Apple computers.
by ezmoneyman July 01, 2003

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