A pussy user-friendly computer.
Only losers use apple computers.
by KLC July 03, 2003
Proof from the mechanical world that good looks does not equal ability to do even the simplest tasks.
My PC may not look like that Mac, but at least I can watch my crap in peace.
by PetesWayUK July 03, 2003
computers for the 21st century
"Apple Computer may have screwed up a few times over the years, but at least they knew the century was going to end."
Douglas Adams on Y2K
by some1else July 05, 2003
a computer that is made of apple
this apple computer doesnt work. perhaps it is Bcoz it is made of apple.
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
expensive paperweight...ironically they do not weigh very much
dude that sucked, my term paper just blew away when my apple computer fell off my desk... no i'm not worried about the apple computer, but i'm pissed about the pencil it broke when it fell.
by j-mo-fucka July 03, 2003
A computer that requires the use of special software to run any application. Is good for editing movies ;). It sucks overall
this apple computer is a piece of crap
by w1ck3d July 02, 2003
Over-priced computers that are generally slow and that are not based on the Windows OS (unless you use its boot camp utility which basically rips Microsoft off). People who actually know things about computers usually avoid these.
Man, that Apple Computer sucks balls!
by cough007 April 26, 2007
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