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The same meaning as "corny" but with an added E because the spelling "corney" is far more desirable.
Trapper Keeper commercials from the 80s were so corney that they were almost cool.
by Brubaker March 04, 2003
to be simultaneously fantastic and fascinating
The geysers, mud pots, mineral pools, etc. at Yellowstone are truly fantasicating!
by Brubaker August 08, 2003
A computer-like object that tries to pretend that it is a PC. Instead, it is just an electronic toy controlled by a mouse with only one button. Disgraceful! Commonly referred to as a Macintrash, Crapintosh, or Macintrash (because of Macintosh apples, of course).
In elementary school, before we learned what real computers were, we thought apple computers were very technologically advanced.
by Brubaker July 07, 2003
An adjective to be used to describe those indescribable things that are "so ugly that they are cute."
Thank heavens that those ridiculous Treasure Trolls with their ridiculous grins and poofy hair and gemstone bellybuttons are no longer popular, but they certainly were uglety.
by Brubaker July 07, 2003
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