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"The quality of being strong to be loved. It is something men need from women and that they do not get...someone who dares to be strong and anything, is brave and dares to be loved and is something more than man or woman, Tandy" ~Winesburg, Ohio
"WOW! I really want that girl but I can't have her...she must be a Tandy"

"That Tandy is super unique and brave, I want to be her!"
by ng42 June 03, 2009
adj. 1. A word often applied to actions, meaning to be seuxally exciting or entertaining.

The word originated after the late Tandy Libidinous, and for that reason, is always capitalized.
Damn, bitch! That dance is Tandy!
by TheRaccoonKing April 03, 2006
noun: a violent hand job with no lubrication
Tim thought he was in for a treat, but then she gave him a tandy!
by hammyslice April 10, 2014
Using technology to find easier ways to do things.
Basically a combination of the words Tech and Handy
Monty is a hard to please, but he still thought the new online service was Tandy
by Surfdaddy March 27, 2015
When you force a girl via gunpoint to give you a handjob, and she has to use her own tears as the lube.
Bitch stop crying and give me a tandy!!!!
by T_-Hawk February 27, 2008
A crazed lunatic with an intoxicating laugh. Sex kitten.
That girl's laugh makes me want to stab a racoon in the face; she is such a Tandy!
by Laurgasm173 April 05, 2009
An activity (often following bubble-gut inducing meals) in which a pair of friends settle themselves in adjacent stalls of a bathroom and defecate. (Abbreviated for "tandem"), a Tandy is a social connection, bringing friends closer, as the quiet environment of a bathroom is conducive to long conversations; usually outlasting the defecation itself.
Rob: Dude, Vanessa's dumplings were awesome but I think I'm gonna shit myself.

James: There is a Starbucks nearby with two stalls...a Tandy is in order.
by Bobby De Diro March 28, 2010
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