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One who exhibits or demonstrates a complete absence of intelligence or usefulness, and who would probably be best utilized by being dropped to the bottom of some body of water to hold a boat in place.
That guy that works in Marketing is a complete boat anchor.
by Joseph Mamma September 26, 2003
a heavy and useless object, especially a usless computer
If you buy that one, all you will get is a boat anchor.
by Light Joker February 27, 2005
1. Any large electronic device that has become outdated, and thus is much larger and heavier than modern versions. A small (usually handheld) such device is called a brick.

2. In ham radio, a piece of radio equipment meeting the criteria in definition 1.
1. That stereo is a total boat anchor!

2. I went to a hamfest last weekend and bought a boat anchor from the 1970's.
by Artation October 05, 2007
A large, heavy piece of obsolete technology, usually a computer system or computer server, that has served its useful life and cannot be re-used in any cost-effective way. In other words, junk.
My company just upgraded their data center. You interested in any of these old IBM boat anchors?
by Securix October 25, 2013
Engine in a Commodore; Especialy a VB and VC including the V8; lump of shit!
by Anonymous October 01, 2003
A guy who will go down on any girl.
Mike: My friends call me the boat anchor because I will go down on anyone.

Stripper: That is disgusting!

My friend is a boat anchor, he will go down on anyone.
by Darron Avid March 13, 2014
a horrendously fat or slow person. can be used as a joke.
holy crap dude, what a BOAT anchor!

when a skinny girl you know walks by:
(loudly) hey man, make some room for this BOAT ANCHOR!
by yokken October 21, 2007

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