1) A high-speed, highly productive professional tool used by people in the top fields of the entertainment industry, graphic and web design.
Often hated on by people who don't understand anything about it, or base their judgements on older models. Lasts longer than a PC, comes pre-installed with drivers, easily communicates with external devices, has no viruses (and therefore has no need for anti-virus software that takes up all the memory) and is completely user friendly.
It comes with a mouse that has one button, but people do not understand that you can attach any other mice to it, and it recognises it without driver installation.
Not optimised for computer gaming, but only nerds and 12 year olds buy a computer soley for gaming. All popular titles can work on an Apple Mac anyway.
Highly priced because it's worth it.

2) A company that manufactures and distributes the Apple Mac computer, notebooks and the world famous ipod and itunes music store.

3) Not an immitation of a PC, because people don't understand that historically, a mac came before the PC.
1) I will create 5 movie posters in Adobe Photoshop on a Mac in the time it takes a PC to load photoshop. I just received an email from a friend about a virus going around... delete.

2) Everyone has an apple iPod. iPods are the best on the market and iTunes is the most productive music downloading store in the world.

3) People are ignorant and bitter that htye can't afford an Apple Computer
by DemonicRabbitSkull October 22, 2006
Top Definition
thread on urbandictionary.com used by geeks to insult each other
apples are shit blah blah...
no theyre not blah blah...
by oracle March 12, 2004
Door stops
my apple computer keeps my door opened.
by Evolutiontimesten January 17, 2004
The first computer company that marketted a preassembled PC. Started by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs somewhere around 1976. This company grew a cult-like following of users.
Apple computer started the PC revolution.
by K Schade July 06, 2003
Company which has created a cult of whiners who don't know how to shut up. Steve Jobs is the leader. Cult members are also known to confuse large price tags and shiny objects with good value.
Apple Computer cult members make me want to burn Apple products.
by c0re_M July 29, 2008
A term often used by people who think that the sun shines out of Steve Jobs's ass. While Apple do make good computers for design/media work, the unofficial fanclub gets irritating.
Example of Apple Computers user: "ipod: An mp3 player that poor/wannabe unique/jealous fuckwits seem to take pride in insulting over the internet."

Pot & kettle? It's also amusing that he assumes that everyone who dislikes it is "poor". I guess he's just a moronic spoilt little nerd.
by nameless345435 November 28, 2006
In the beginning Apple said, "Let there be home and educational computers and let them be totally proprietary and we shall make tons of money." And they were pretty good. Then IBM said, "Lets build some small business computers and make the achitecture completely open and lots of people will make lots of money and we'll create a whole industry." They were good, too. Then Apple said, "IBM is an evil empire. Apple computers are for the rest of us." All I have to say is IBM gave birth to Dell, Compaq, ATI, etc., etc., and (unfortunately) turned Microsoft into a real evil empire. What has Apple done except try to enrich themselves?
PC's for people who prefer exclusivity to practicality.
by Wonder Dog July 06, 2003
A piece of crap.
"I love apples"
George Chongris
by Tasty Snax July 03, 2003
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