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To go completely off the deep end; succumb to extreme rage.
You'd go apeshit too, if somebody threw up on your 1968 Dodge Dart. That ain't no way to treat a fine Chrysler!
by Lil Ringo September 30, 2007
110 45
To go fucking crazy, in an uncontrollable, non stopping manner.Usually occurs while play fighting, or when extremely drunk.
Wow man, you got a bleeding nose, he went ape shit on you.
by mitchenzo October 11, 2007
111 57
Really really really angry or pissed off!
Its not uncommon to go apeshit:
When the dog shits in yer slippers.
When your husband sleeps with your sister.
When some ugly bollocks grab asses you.
When cars purposefully splash you on your way to an interview in your lovely white suit.
Most things the average family does.
'When dad finds out you borrowed his new car, crashed it into the house then set it on fire, he's gonna go apeshit!'
by Black_Rose_325 September 26, 2008
66 18
to lose all self-control, and in general go fucking crazy
This guy went "ApeShit" on me for calling his girlfriend on the phone, he almost killed me
by lite-blue August 10, 2004
87 44
To become very angry.
The boss went ape shit when he heard the bad news.
by Dr. ZZZ May 08, 2008
72 45

In the negative: Verbal and physical expressions of extreme anger, temporary state of insanity.

In the positive:
To become very excited, energetic or enthusiastic
Negative: Boy Aces really went apeshit over Palin's nomination.

Positive: Boy Aces really went apeshit for that taco dip last night.
by Jayney Elainey September 11, 2008
38 13
Commonly used to describe someone or something that is crazy
Derek went ape shit when he found out that it was me who shit on the carpet
by LocoSmoko April 11, 2011
37 16