Commonly used to describe someone or something that is crazy
Derek went ape shit when he found out that it was me who shit on the carpet
by LocoSmoko April 11, 2011
To succumb to extreme rage; volatile; violently angry.
You'd go apeshit too, if somebody threw up on YOUR 1968 Dodge Dart! That ain't no way to treat that fine Chrysler!
by Lil Ringo September 30, 2007
to go ape- shit is to go completely crazy, to give up on any logical way to solve a problem and resort to violence.
Oh no you didn't
I Did!
Im gonna go ape-shit on your ass!
by H.V May 22, 2009
to get so angry that you lose control and start waving your arms around whilst screaming abuse, a violent attack on someone or something

i got that pissed off so bad I was gonna go ape-shit,that clown deserved it when a smashed him when I went ape-shit
by MasterSofTrancE February 10, 2006
To literally go insane, usually accompanied by flailing arms, incomprehensible gurgling noises and a crazed look.
Did you see that guy going down the residential area at 110 mph? He went through someones fucking lawn, THEIR GODDAMN LAWN AND THROUGH THE FENCE TOO. God, then he got to the orphanage, it was a massacre. I tell ya man, he was going ape shit.
by Morpha's Tox Box July 02, 2011
Someone who goes completely "Ape Shit" over something means that someone goes completely crazy over this object, person, place or thing.
"Dude, did you SEE that?" said Brooke.
"No, what was it that you saw?" replied Brian.
"The Famous Butter just went completely APE SHIT on the mic!" said Brooke.
by ~ChickenHead~ July 05, 2010
A term used to refer how one loses his/her sanity and thus initiates radical physical action upon anything due to immense anger.
"If you piss me off I swear I'm gonna go apeshit!!"

"The singer of the song Arcarsenal goes apeshit when he screams 'BEWAAAAAREE!! BEWAAAAAARE!!!!'."

"She was having PMS and then she went apeshit when she was touched."
by Dave May 13, 2004
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