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A person named Rene is typically handsome and well hung. Rene's tend to have a very active sex drive and are known to please woman sexually in a variety of ways.

Gee Ruth, Rene has a Big Dick and he likes to fuck a lot, you are very lucky to have him.
by Chata Fukup October 26, 2006
Pronounced reen.

An expression that describes the posession of both mental and physical prowise in high abundance.

Haughty or unattainable status.

A godlike example of perfection.
He didn't just do it, he did it to the rene.
by rpetras February 22, 2008
the most amazing person ever; usually smart
Rene gave us great tickets to the basketball game!
by Sara A. R. February 27, 2007
A person named Rene is usually a really popular person. A person named Rene is usually really smart too.A person named Rene can also be really funny. A person named Rene may like to play soccer too.
Rene is a really nice guy!
by Maraiscrazy February 17, 2009
Rene' a very awkward person around the boys she likes.

at first she will be very quiet, but once you become friends with her she is a crazy person.
she often doesn't see how pretty she is.
who is tht Rene'. i like never see her talk

no trust me she is a crazy person once you get to know her
by rene6696 December 31, 2012
verb/noun. to excessively philosophically question reality a la René Descartes while under the influence of cannabis, also one who does such a thing. to or one who uses the words "I don't even know (right now)".
"I don't even know, man, I'm so high right now."
"Alright René..."

verb, to René:
"What if we're not even here and the world is just in our imaginations?"
by betternatured October 30, 2009
ONE CRAZY, WILD, SEXY GIRL who likes zebra unicorns and water buffalo's.
Rene' Z is just being Rene' again (;
by HockeySkateSurfSwaggg January 25, 2012
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