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Eminems/Slim Shadys/Marshall Mathers COMEBACK SONG.
Sick Beat, check it oud.

Em goes berzerk.
Drake: Ey yo, Weezy, heard Berzerk yet?
Lil Wayne: Dude lets get the fuck Outta here, hes back.
by NKTE August 28, 2013
A song by Eminem. It means to go crazy and don't care 2 shits about what other people think. Example are heavy partying.
Take your shoes off, let your hair down, and go berzerk all night long. ( Credit to Eminem)
by Supersonic Music Princess August 15, 2014
A term of how hard someone is going to get fucked.
Austin: Man I went all Berzerk on Charlotte last night.

Guy: Man I heard Austin went all Berzerk on Charlotte last night.

Charlotte: Austin went all Berzerk on me last night, and it was great.
by BabyGirl<3 February 12, 2014
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